Monday, July 25, 2016

Stamping Saturday: Neon Watermelons

Welcome to Stamping Saturday! I picked a neon color to wear this week and enjoyed it so much! I also got some new stamping plates in the mail and couldn't wait to use the watermelon images.

For my base color I used China Glaze Rose Among Thorns. In real life it's a bright pink neon. As usual with neons, it's hard to capture them on camera and in the case of this one, it actually changed color as I wore it.

I used a white base, and 2 coats of A Rose Among Thorns -this polish dries to a satin finish and I was really tempted to add a matte top coat to it, but maybe next time.

Originally I wanted to use a melon colored polish but when I pulled it out, I realized it had faded to a pinky-orange color, so when this neon pink started to take on a different hue, I was happy anyway! Who knows what causes the reaction..maybe a combination of different topcoats.

And here's the awesome watermelon stamping plate. It does have a lot of other fun stuff, but watermelon is what drew me to it.

This is plate UR Beautiful 04 which I found on Aliexpress - specific listing is this one. Now, if you're familiar with some brands of stamping plates you'll realize this is a knock off from an Uber Chic plate 9-01 (with a few images switches out) and I debated for a while to buy it or not...but in the end, it's less than $3 and I get my watermelons. I ordered it on the 4th and it arrived on the 21st - I was super impressed with the shipping speed! Usually ordering cheap plates is like buy it and forget about it until it shows up, so this was a pleasant arrival. I'll get to use it while it's still summer!

Just black and melon would have worked fine, maybe even better - I did that stamp on my thumb and it looked nice. But I wanted to add the bright green for the rinds and used another China Glaze for it - I'm With The Lifeguard. I made decals on my silicone mat (but working on a stamper head works might just need several of them). I left the decals on for too long and they got a bit brittle when I went to finally apply them to my nails, so there's pink peeking through here and there but I still like outcome.

 I recently got an amazing cuticle oil in a watermelon lemonade scent and a matching lotion (from Baroness X) and have been obsessed about the scent. My coworkers definitely know when I'm pampering my hands, it smells amazing!! Which can be problematic as my work place is fragrance free... oops. But nail care is important! My nails are currently a bit shorter than usual, which can be limiting as to what kinds of stamping images fit - and the big watermelon piece needed some maneuvering around. The full nail watermelon pieces though, I think would fit even on smaller nails - at least a slice or two!