Sunday, July 10, 2016

Swatch & Art: Fairytale Finish - Beastquake

Welcome to a Swatch & Art post! Today's polish is called Beastquake, by Fairytale Finish. This polish is from last year's Seahawks duo, and is not available for sale, but I poked Amanda (the maker) to see if another set will be released this year. I'm not a sports fan, but found myself collecting her Seahawks polishes....I just love the colors!
*Purchased by me* *Affiliate link* 

I've been wanting to do a navy & pink combo for a while, so the third July prompt for the IG #clairestelle8july challenge was perfect for it. The prompt is splatter, but once again I went for stamping to assist me with the effect ;)
Beastquake is a lovely holographic navy color. I had a deja vu moment just now and checked my older posts...and yes, I've worn it before, in a starry night design. I used three coats for complete opacity. There was some sunshine today, and all the holo just mesmerizes me!

Splatter nail art typically means blowing polish through a straw. I haven't tried doing that and am not really interested in the real deal as that sounds messy. There are plenty of stamping plates with splatter designs now, and I used one for my mani.

This is plate Y027 from BornPretty Store (item #22254) and I used a pink stamping polish from Mundo de Unas - Mexican Pink.

Those familiar with this pink polish know that it's extremely pigmented and often stains. I got to experience this for myself, as it stained my stamped and my silicone mat. And the worst part, is that it doesn't even look that opaque...on closer inspection of the stamped design, you can see parts of it are kind of watered down. Overall, it doesn't bother me and I still feel like I achieved the look I was going for, but I know the fault was with my bottle that had separated and needed to be thoroughly mixed prior to use.

The next prompt is inspired by fabric...I'm drawing a blank right now but hope to find something inspiring before too long!