Saturday, July 9, 2016

Stamping Saturday: Dry brush Art

Hello and welcome to another Stamping Saturday! It's been quiet here on the blog, but on IG I've posted several new designs this week, they just haven't made it on to the blog...I just get caught up with getting the next design on to my nails that I don't take the time to blog about them. I'll try to catch up this week, but for now, here's a design I put together for Stamping Saturday and the dry brush prompt for #clairestelle8july IG challenge.
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To be honest, I was going to skip the dry brush prompt. I noticed I'll often start a challenge/prompt and as soon as I get to something outside of my norm, or not something I can't stamp...I lose interest. The dry brush technique is pretty easy - you just need to wipe off most of the color from the brush and paint away! It even gives a somewhat textured feel if you don't topcoat it. And then I saw this mani by katv865 on IG and was inspired to actually do the dry brush, and add my usual stamping to it, because just a few days prior, I ran into these cool earrings on Etsy and made a mental note to try nail art like that. So it was a perfect combination of inspirations.
I used 3 Bonita polishes for my dry brush base - Santorini's Ocean, My Avatar, and Cocktails in Aruba.
Many of us use silicone mats for nail art, so I put mine to work this time and just dry brushed my design on there. Then a couple days later, I added a clear coat to make a decal and stuck it on my nails. Of course, you can dry brush straight on the nails, but I was wearing a pretty new polish and didn't want to take it off just yet ;) It's debatable if making a decal saves any time in the end, as it needs to be trimmed and cleaned up once on the nail, but I think it's a matter of convenience for me - when I get an idea, I can start part of the process right away and finish up later.

I got to stamp after all! So this fits the whole Stamping Saturday post ;) I used 2 colors and dabbed them randomly onto my stamping plate, to create this design. Gold is Sinful Colors Gold Medal, and the burnt reddish one is a BornPretty Store stamping polish #29 (item #23193) The stamping plate is also from BPS, it's plate BP-L008 (item #17926)
So that's in for this Stamping Saturday look! Thanks for visiting!