Saturday, June 18, 2016

Stamping Saturday: Summer Flowers

It's Saturday and I have another stamped mani to show off today. I know it's my most used nail art technique but it's so simple and there are so many beautiful designs!I brought some plates and polish to work yesterday and did a little demo on stamping...I wonder if my coworkers will be disenchanted by my nails now that they know how easy it is!
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Today I was actually looking at the very beginning of my blog to find out what my first indie polish was, and I happen to run into my first Stamping Saturday post - it was June 1, 2014! Hard to believe I've been tagging along for this weekly event for so long! I think we all take breaks now and then or life just gets too busy, but the link up hasn't died! I'm also glad to see I've improved my nail art since 2 years ago! Let's see what I got today..

My base color is a combo of two favorites - Nvr Enuff Unicorn Flower and Models Own Indian Ocean. I've used both of these not too many posts ago, and Unicorn Flower is showing a fill line already! In a couple of manis I will most likely need to get a backup, I can't run the risk of running out of this one.
For the stamping, I used a new black polish from BornPretty Store, item #22322. It's very pigmented and I had no problem picking up images with it. The flower image is also from a BPS plate BPL-024, item #20792

I filled in the flower while it was on my stamper, using two China Glaze polishes - Rose Among Thorns and That's Shore Bright.

I just learned about a new technique today - drip marbling! I may want to do a few manis with it right away but I think I'll have stamping to show off next Saturday!