Friday, June 17, 2016


Hello and welcome to June's first #TheLacquerRing post - the color choice is Seafoam! Sorry it's been quiet around the blog - I promise I've been painting my nails, but I got a couple easy peel base coats to play with, and well...they're a little too easy. I end up shedding my manis a lot faster than I expected, and not all of them make it to their photoshoot, lol.

So I got a little ahead of myself and thought the link up was happening last week, and tried to figure out what seafoam is really supposed to look like. 4 seafoam-ish manis later, and I'm still posting a day late! How did that happen?? I guess inspiration didn't find me till the last minute, but let's look at my mani!
I used a couple of coats of OPI My Dogsled is a Hybrid, which I remember as being a pretty mint cream that I haven't worn yet.

I used two coats of it, and was trying to decide if it's too green for seafoam. I'm sure I'm not the only one who googled color charts to check out seafoam variations! As far as the manis in the link up go, I think we all found a different shade or interpretations of seafoam to use. The color can be as moody as the sea, and look so different!

I kept thinking that my bottle color is just a tiny bit lighter than my nails, so I got out the mini set of the Nordic collection and right away I noticed it's release - Fall 2014. It's been almost 2 bottle probably needed a good shake, as the mini one in the set was lighter, just like I remember it being. So after shaking for a while, it did seem to mix up and lighten up so I applied a third coat, just because. Maybe my eyes were playing tricks of me by that point though!

I wasn't sure how to dress it up...maybe for once I would just have a swatch by itself. But thankfully another OPI came to the rescue and brought inspiration with it - You Don't Know Jacques! I had wanted to do a mint/brown gradient for a while, so I took this opportunity. I also used Sinful Colors Snow me White for the gradient, and really like how it lightened up the tips. This gradient looked  peaceful and somehow reminded me of the beach..of driftwood...of that section in Marshalls that always has decor that looks perfect for a beach house. Wood. This needed wood! That's what my though process is like when I do my nails, lol

I used two Bundle Monster plates - BM608 and BM506 for the stamping. I made a grey by mixing black and white MdU polish on the plate, and used aqua for the seahorse. Overall, I'm pleased with where my seafoam color ended up.

Take a look at all the manis in the link up - so much pretty seafoam!!