Monday, July 27, 2015

Swatch & Art: Fairytale Finish "Crushed Garnet"

 For a while I've been eyeing Fairytale Finish from afar and finally took the plunge and signed up for the subscription - NeverEnding Fairytales . I went with the $16 for two polishes option, so I get two mystery beauties delivered to me. I might be afraid of glitter, but this one took my breath away when I opened my July package. Look at it!!!! So gorgeous!! This little gem is Crushed Garnet (July's theme was jewels and gems)

Shown here is 3 coats of Crushed Garnet -which I'm going to describe as a plum jelly filled with fuchsia and tiny holographic glitters. I jokingly told my husband that it looks like wine...I just didn't know which one because I don't drink enough of it, hahaha :D
While I was delighted with this polish, I knew one thing with certainty - my mom might steal it from me. If people had signature colors, this would be hers! And sure enough...she came by my messy desk and ooohed and aaaahed over it and swatched it on one nail and ..was disappointed. It was sheer and didn't match the bottle! My mommy only polishes her toes and never her fingers and only has a couple polishes of her own. She doesn't know jellies are sheer but build up in opacity. So I got to keep the bottle and plotted to use it and wow her - and it worked!! She couldn't believe it was the same polish, heh. 
Isn't this a perfect fall color? I definitely plan to use it again!!

I hope you enjoyed the swatches and I'll be waiting for next month's polishes from Fairytale Finish!