Sunday, February 9, 2014

V-day Nails - Icy Kisses

I remember pinning a mani like this, with the matte black and metallic kisses, and I wanted to do it myself. I ordered the BM-303 plate with the kisses design some time ago, was (not so) patiently waiting for February. And then once I get my stamping supplies out, I realize that the image is bigger than what I had in my head :( I wanted to do two kisses on one nail, but there was no way that's going to happen. I never before considered my nails to be small, but maybe they are...I know for sure they're always short, but not big enough to fit an image? :(  Maybe there are other plates with smaller kisses..I'll have to look around.

Black is Julep Cleopatra, which has a latex finish, but I top it with NYC Matte Me Crazy for a truly matte look. Stamping colors are Sinful Colors Casablanca and Pure Ice Outrageous.