Friday, February 7, 2014

Husband's Choice: Ally

Julep Ally
So with my ever-growing polish collection, I'm often conflicted about picking colors for a mani. So then I harass my husband to help me with more than "whatever you like" and actually pick one. And of course he'll pick the colors that I don't have design ideas for and then I stare at the polish, thinking "oh..okay..maybe I should have picked it myself, I don't know what to do with this.." But he really loves blues, and I have only 4-5 since I rarely wear blues, so it's time to try it. I might have gotten this in a mystery box, so not an intentional buy, which is good because it's now out of stock!

Julep Ally is described as an "electric blueberry frost" and hubby said "do not put matte topcoat on, I like it shiny!" I love that he's involved in my addiction :)
I figured that I could pair blue with silver and it turned out good, and grew on me the longer I kept it on. The pointer finger got smudged a bit, but of well.
Julep Missy is "titanium metallic".
Half moon with Julep Ally and Missy 

Julep Ally and Missy