Thursday, September 5, 2019

Polish Pickup Pack - September 2019

Polish Pickup Pack - September 2019

Are you ready for another month of awesome PPU goodies?? With a theme like "Magic & Alchemy" you can expect a lot of awesome polishes, but I think all the makers do a great job every month, no matter what the theme is! I've got 3 polishes and a product to share today, mark your calendars for Sept 6th through the 9th!

*Polishes/product provided as press sample for review*

Bee's Knees Lacquer
Name: The Small Science
Price: $14
Cap: none
Inspiration: The Grishaverse books
Description: a deep purple polish loaded with red to green shifting shimmer and gold to green ghost flakes

I used 3 thin coats + top coat for the swatches - purple is always a great color to wear, and the shimmer and flakes in this just add to that. In some lights the gold really showed and in others the green stood out, just get it cuz you'll love it!

I personally had a huge grin on my face when I got this to swatch - because I actually know the reference to Grishaverse as I nagged Sarah to read the books and secretly hoped she'd like them enough to make polish - and it paid off! There will be more Grishaverse inspired polishes coming from Bee's Knees Lacquer later this year, so if you're a fan, keep your eyes open! I even attempted a little nail art

Bee's Knees will also have a product offering for the IPU portion.
Void Salts - an unscented lip balm with a dark amethyst tint; $5 and no cap, inspired by alchemy ingredients in Skyrim

Name: My Eternal
Price: $13
Cap: none
Inspiration: Marie Laveau/New Orleans Voodoo
Description: a deep blue/teal with a strong red-green-gold shimmer, OGUP (original unicorn pee) and a touch of holo sparkle

3 thin coats and you'll fall in love with this stunner! The shifts are awesome and I love the dark base, it's going to be a staple for fall nails!

Don't overlook JReine's IPU product if you're into that chrome look, insane shifts and pigment burnishing!
Mini Pixie Magic Kit
Kit includes: 5ml (.18 fl oz) bottle of Super Base, .30 grams of Pixie Magic "VOODOO" powder and applicator
Price: $15
Cap: 250

The idea is simple if you don't have any apprehension with this kind of product  - normally powders for burnishing need gel, but this is usable on regular polish with regular top coats!
I applied OPI's Do You Have This Color in Stockholm as my base, once it dried I applied a coat of Super Base, waited 30-40 seconds and just rubbed the VOODOO powder with my finger. The little eyeshadow applicator can be used as well to get the job done.

I stamped a swirled black design on my middle and ring finger just to get more colors in the same mani, and you can tell that VOODOO really shines over the black. But no matter what the base, and the swatchers all put it over a huge range of colors, it's really a bit of magic!

Literary Lacquer
Name: Every God and Devil There Ever Was
Price: $12
Cap: none
Inspiration: it's inspired by the comic "The Invisibles" by Scottish writer and chaos magic practitioner Grant Morrison
Description: indigo blurple base packed with color shifting flakies and micro glitter

3 thin coats of this jelly and you're good and vampy! It's got flakes and glitters to spice things up

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