Saturday, December 10, 2016

Swatch & Art: Tonic Polish - Lunar Lust

Welcome back to yet another blog post! It's been a while since I wrote anything here, but I've posted a few things on Instagram lately - just didn't have the energy to blog. I got a snow day today so I was able to stay home and play with some polishes and have this beauty to share today!

This shifts into so many colors that I don't think I'm able to capture them all, even with a dozen pictures!
Tonic Polish Lunar Lust - this is a medium grey crelly (cream + jelly) type of polish, with a bit of scattered holographic pigment, but the real star is the multichrome shift - green, blue, purple, pink and even a bit of yellow!

Multichrome shifts are all about lighting and angles - different colors peek out at different times. After staring at the mesmerizing bottle for a while, I realize that it is reminding me of abalone shells or mother of pearl.
I used two medium coats and topcoat for these pictures...and there are a lot of pictures because I really want to try and convey that this polish is a shifter!

For once, I had an idea about what kind of art I wanted to pair with this polish as soon as I got it, and it had to use another Tonic - Dragons at Dusk.

I went with the "dragons" design based on the polish name, for the accent finger I made a decal using stamping. The dragon image is from plate Messy Mansion MM21 and I used double stamping to give it some color - base is just black, and on top of it is Colors by Llarowe Shifty (it's a multichrome stamping polish that was kind of a pain to get it to pick up and transfer, that's why I used a decal instead of trying to stamp right onto the nail)

I used dragon scale vinyls from NeVerMind Polish (see here) - I got these at Polish Con back in September and finally tried them out. I was a bit hesitant to use the vinyls as intended - by applying them onto my nails, because when I peeled one off the sheet it just seemed to be extra sticky and I was afraid that it would peel off my base polish, so I made a decal instead. It's pretty easy if you have a silicone mat - stick the vinyl down and paint your polish over it, peel off the stencil right away and once the polish dries - use a clear coat to seal it all together and proceed to sticking it on the nails.

Dragons at Dusk is another gorgeous multichrome, I swatched it on its own and was really happy wearing it before adding a different design to it. The blue-green-purple shift is exactly what I like, it's like favorite colors all in one bottle!

And after I finished the mani, the color shift from Dragons at Dusk just reminded me of occamy from the Fantastical Beasts movie (clip here) - the color shifting plumage was also green/blue/purple. And my dragon could look like a winged serpent thingy, right? Mmm..if Tonic ever does a Harry Potter inspired collection, it would be incredible.

I hope you enjoyed this post and come back to see Dragons at Dusk over the weekend :)

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