Thursday, November 3, 2016

Night Owl Lacquer: Fall 2016 Collection

Hello & Welcome! Today on the blog I have an upcoming Fall collection from a new to me brand, Night Owl Lacquer. It's actually a new brand to the indie word of polish! I'm excited to get to watch Night Owl grow -from the first mixing video to now getting ready for a third collection release!
The post is going to be a little long, so lets' get started!

*Polish provided as a Press Sample for review*

There are 5 polishes in this collection, 4 shimmers and one holographic, and everything from the color palette to the names, just screams "fall is here!!"

Harvest Moon - pale gold shimmer, packed with gold micro flakies

Shimmer polishes tend to be a little bit on the thinner side, so I wasn't surprised when I had to put on 3 coats to get to this level of coverage. You can still see my nail line a bit, but that's only in certain lighting, it's much less noticeable out and about.

I'm typically not one to wear yellow or gold colors, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one - because of how much it reminds me of butter, it made me think of warm and tasty butterbeer and baked goods, cuz they all need butter ;)

Be Thankful - a reddish copper polish, packed with copper flecks

This one is such a rich color! And is an absolutely gorgeous representation of the colors for this season! It's the perfect fall leaf! It was completely opaque in just two coats.

I think shimmer was the perfect finish choice for this color! Holographic finish is very popular and typical of indie polish, but fall color schemes feel more earthy and natural. Again, not a color I often wear, but it's unmistakably a staple color as far as fall polish goes!

Autumn Nights - a dark navy base, filled with copper flecks

This is the first polish I picked up when this collection arrived, the copper flecks are so mesmerizing and they definitely warm up the dark base. At first I thought it was black, but after the first coat I realized it's navy! it may be, but I used two coats for my swatches and it definitely looked a lot darker on my photos and I'm bummed about it...however, the bottle in the second pic shows off really well what it actually looks like! Night sky in a bottle!

Autumn Winds - a dark grey polish, full of copper shimmer

This is another polish where the shimmer was elusive on my nails - the copper in the bottle flashed to gold too, and it warmed up the grey base on the nails. The opacity of this one was actually very good! I wore it in two coats even though it could have gotten away with just one.

Grey is pretty chic on its own, but as I was trying to make some nail art for it, I kept pairing it with a few different colors - blue, red, gold - and they all looked great together. Check back tomorrow to see what I ended up adding to it, or, head on over to my Instagram page, as I often post there a little before the blog.

Sunshine on Falling Leaves - a shimmery olive polish with gold holo micro glitters and gold holo shreds

Wow, what a color! I used three thin coats of it to get it to cover my nail line, but because it's so packed with shimmer, I suspect it would be amazing as a topper over black. Olive polishes definitely have like a niche of people who love them, while a lot of people tend to stay away or be intimidated by them. Sometimes putting something on that's out of the norm, can unlock a new love! I'm not likely to give up my blues, purples and teals, but for sure I'd be more willing to try something unusual like an olive, as this polish shows, they can be pretty gorgeous too!

And that is all of them! I'm hoping to post all the art designs I paired with these tomorrow - warning, it's a lot of leaves!!

Night Owl Lacquer Fall 2016 collections launches tomorrow, 11/04/2016
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