Saturday, October 29, 2016

HPB Presents: Halloween

Welcome back  to another post! As there's only a few days left till Halloween, I've been trying to push myself for more festive nails but this week kind of failed. I kept the same mani on most of the week and went back and forth between what to do next - Halloween, fall, or swatch - and so here we are.

Orange makes everything into a Halloween theme, right? ;)
I'm glad that Nvr Enuff Polish brought back their orange color - Awesomesauce, and I picked it up this time around. I used it for two different designs, orange & black just sounded like a good idea!

This is three thin coats of Awesomesauce, and the holo in it is amazing.

For the first look, I just used a black stamping polish and a few various stamps from Bundle Monster.

BM-224, BM-H06, and BM-H08. 

While I was painting the orange on, I had a thought "this would look so cool as an orange koi, with scales stamped..or..mermaids have scales too! a mermaid!"

Stamping plates are from Bundle Monster's more recent releases - part of their blogger collaboration sets; BM-XL211, BM-XL212. Please note that the actual stamping plate does not say "Witch I'm A Mermmaid" - it uses the *b* version of that word, which I didn't want to stamp, so I spliced the wording from another plate, BM-S243. Coincidentaly, it now tied into Halloween a lot better ;)