Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Swatch & Art: KBShimmer - Shade Shifter

Check it out - it's not even a Saturday and I have a blog post!? Haha, yes! I'm going to try posting more throughout the week, and I have a very pretty color to show you today! It's KBShimmer Shade Shifter. It is a multi-chrome polish, which changes colors depending on angle and light conditions and mesmerizes me with it's blues and purples. I've been wanting a multi-chrome of my own, and I am so happy to have finally used it! Isn't it pretty?
*Purchased by me* *Affiliate link*

As this is a Swatch & Art post, join me after the jump to see what I've done to it!
When I first got Shade Shifter, I used it on a swatch stick, because that's normally the first thing I do when receiving new polish. Then I keep all the sticks in my drawer and sometimes paw through them, looking for inspiration.

I'll be honest, I applied 4 coats to my swatch stick and it still looked very sheer and nowhere near the color on my nails now. I was disappointed, as the polish was so pretty in the bottle. This discouraged me and I set it aside. But I kept seeing gorgeous manis of these multi-chromes, and finally asked my nail friends about them - and was told the sheerness is just the nature of the multi-chrome, and once on the nails it takes just 1-3 coats, depending on whether there's a base color or not. So typically one coat over black is all it takes?! I better give it a try! Although for these I applied 4 coats - I would have been fine with 3. I just kept seeing my nail line and trying to add more coverage, but it was due to the angle I was looking at, the coverage was already good at 3.
Snowflakes are stamped with MdU white. Stamping plate is from BornPretty Store BP01
The bottle shows really well all the shades the polish can shift to, I just had no luck capturing them well!

In really low lighting it looks like this!

I didn't know how else to capture these teal shades, but I'm glad the shifts I saw the most of were ones I really like. I'm not a big fan of orange, but there's some reddish orange hiding in there :) 

I definitely enjoyed Shade Shifter and will be trying more of the colors that initially make me hesitate. Just like jellies, these can be beautiful if applied as intended! I'm curious to see if 1 coat over a black base would yield the same result - any experience with that? I'd love to know!

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