Thursday, March 13, 2014

GoT Manicure

I'm really excited for the new season of Game of Thrones, and could not help buying a stamping plate with sigils to do my nails while I wait for the new episodes. This particular mani doesn't use any of those stamps, but it's something I've though of doing for a long time - ever since I saw "Godswood" polish, by Fandom Cosmetics. The creamy white and the blood red really made me want to make a weirwood tree!
And this is what I came up with.
The weirwood is a species of deciduous trees found all over Westeros. The five-pointed leaves and the sap of weirwoods are blood-red, while the smooth bark on their wide trunks[1] and wood are bone white.[2] Most weirwoods have faces carved into their trunks. This was done by the children of the forest in ancient days, and is now done by the free folk as well as other descendants of the First Men, such as followers of the old gods in the Seven Kingdoms praying to heart trees in godswoods. In some cases sap has collected in the crevices of the carved faces, giving the trees red eyes which have been known to drip sap as if the trees were weeping.[1] - A Wiki of Ice and Fire
Initially I wanted to do the tree grain in red, but it didn't turn out as good as in my head :( 
The leaves are from BM-004, and the wood grain from Cheeky D. The face was freehand. 

Polishes used:

Julep Isla, NYC Wing it Wine Creme, Konad Special Red & Black, and SV to top everything off. 

I hope to do more GoT inspired manis - there's dragons waiting! 
If you're a fan of GoT, please let me know how I did and if it resembles what it was supposed to be. Nothing more awkward than showing off my mani while a person stares at it and says "that's really cool! you did this yourself? what is it supposed to be?" :(