Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stamping plates: MoYou London - Pro 07 & 08

MoYou London, Pro collection sleeve
These are some of the plates that I painstakingly pick out, because there's so many that I want, but can only purchase a couple! And then (not so) patiently wait for to arrive from London, lol. But the two I ordered are finally here, and I now have even more plates to pour over and try to pick images from!

MoYou London, Pro 07
I already have a few manis in mind with this plate. It's so pretty and floral - even my mom said she liked it, before she remembered herself and said "you should stop spending money on all this nail polish stuff! you have enough already!
MoYou London, Pro 08
These can be purchased here. Shipping cost is actually not too bad, and often there are codes for 10-20% off, which helps with the currency conversion :)