Sunday, January 19, 2014

New CICI & SISI Stamping: Set 1, part 1

Pretty excited about this new set, it just popped up out of the blue one day!
Love the plate holder that comes with it :D It was a bonus, along with the stamper and scraper and some decals.

The little leather case is pretty cute, and I was personally more excited about it than about the plates, haha. I was happy to see that someone took the time to make a case to fit the plates, so they're not all over the place or stored in random boxes and then I will forget I have them. I recently got PUEEN plates that also came with a small leather holding case and so this set attracted me right away!

As for the plates included - there are 6 of them, and I took the protective film off of one of them, that's why it's different than the others.





And there's the bonus nail stickers/decals:
I can't wait to start using them! All I need is creativity and a knack for color combinations, lol. 

If you're interested in this set, or the second one (which I resisted buying) they can be found on Amazon over here, and currently for $29.99. Not sure if/when it will go up to 69.99 but I cringe at that pricetag...This set is definitely worth it to me for what I paid for it. 

I'll try to do some practice stamping to see how well the images pick up, and do another post.