Monday, April 21, 2014

MODI Peel-Off Base Coat

One big thing that's been keeping me from getting too many glitters is the pain of removing them. So when I heard about all these "peel off" base coats, I knew I had to try them and see if they'd help with my polish wear. Late some night while browsing polish who knows where, I stumbled on an Asian looking brand that in their collection, specifically had "peel off base coat" and for that price I thought it'd be worth a try. I got it at w2beauty for a little over $5, free shipping and not too long of a wait till it got to me.

The first polish I used to test this with is Julep Cameron , which is a very pretty "stardust" finish, which to me is like a sand + glitter, so it takes a bit of work to get it off.  I used very little of the base coat, almost a dry brush, and waited 10 mins before applying polish.
Removing it was much easier than the first time I wore this polish, so it makes me look forward to using more glitters with less fear :)